Thursday, October 04, 2007

Simple Math:Iraq -vs- SCHIP

SCHIP bill vetoed by the President = $7 Billion/year over 5 year ($35 Billion)

Iraq War Cost = $100.8 Billion/year

So if I have this correct, about 7% of the 8.4 billion per month for Iraq could fully fund the recently vetoed SCHIP bill. A piece of legislation with strong bipartisan support. A needed assist to allow families to bridge the gap to full independence, without which could thrust lower and middle income households back into poverty:
The program, which provides health insurance for children from families who earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford private insurance, was created in 1997 to address the growing number of children in the United States without health insurance coverage. It currently provides coverage for over 6.6 million kids.

Health policy experts now say low and moderate income families like the Taylors will be hit the hardest if the veto stands, and individuals fear the social and financial consequences.

"Families will experience both financial and emotional burdens trying to deal with their children's health problems, with little societal support or encouragement," said Shoshanna Sofaer, professor of health care policy at Baruch College in New York.
What's that, its not a money thing. Hmmmm, couldn't be a policy issue. I mean, who wouldn't want to ensure the safety and security of our youth at least at the same priority level as defense. I mean, that would be just playing politics with peoples lives . . . . . Ooooooo, I get it now!!


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