Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Construction Begins; On Time and On Track!

Despite the strawmen being built by ScaifeNet, 35-W bridge construction is on time and on track:
After weeks of demolition and survey work, construction of the new Interstate 35W bridge is expected to begin Thursday. And while cranes are already gathering at the site, you'll need to look down, not up, to see the first step: Workers will be drilling at least 100 feet as they start work on the underground supports.
While the Scaifers blame the Dems, it is actually the MN GOP that is using another tragedy to play politics. H.R. 3869, a bill authored by Bachmann, is designed to bypass the process and create some faux fiscal urgency. However, we know even the President isn't concerned about the money release:
The Bush administration has said it supports the I-35W bridge money, and has assured state officials that emergency reconstruction funds will be made available with or without action by Congress.
As is typical with the Right, there is no controversy here, everything is on track and on schedule. In 14 months a new bridge will span across the River, and it will happen because of the bi partisan support received at the time of the tragedy, not some Right Wing political maneuver to take advantage of the tragedy for political gain. Oberstar hit it on the head:
“unbelievable political posturing; it has no relationship to reality at all.”
But reality has never been a forté of the minions at ScaifeNet.


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