Wednesday, October 31, 2007

What Joe Said

Really, this non story has more to do with the National election in '08 than anything else:
The larger issue here is what the Republican machine is trying to do to the Democratic official who happens to be in charge of vote-counting and voting standards in 2008 -- namely, destroy him and the office of the Secretary of State. The GOP's pre-2006 expectation of having this office in hand was likely a big part of their 2008 firewall strategy -- if Ohio goes blue but Minnesota goes red, their presidential candidate is still okay. For the paid political operatives and state representatives pushing this story, this is crass politics at its worst.
If the sitting SoS screwed up, I'll be right there in line with the Right to condemn his actions. But there as so many scenarios involved in this case, an honest individual with even a shred of integrity would wait till the truth shakes out. Which makes it understandable why the mouthpiece of the MN-GOP couldn't wait. I mean, he does have a job to do.


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