Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Emily's Story * I-35W

Kare 11 did a feature on Emily's 35W experience:

For five days television viewers and newspaper readers have seeing the black sedan stranded in the middle of the Mississippi River on I-35W's broken bridge. It is hard to imagine anyone walking away after falling 64 feet in that car, but that is exactly what Emily Pader did.

"I have a fracture on my S1 lumbar, So, it's like in the middle of my back in this area. That's really the only thing actually. No bruises, no cuts, nothing else."

The 20-year-old preschool teacher was crossing the river last Wednesday en route to drum corps practice. Emily is a member of the Minnesota Brass, Inc. Drum Corps color guard.
Read the rest here.

I can't find the video link right now., Once I do I'll post it. (Video Link HERE, extended Interview HERE.)


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