Thursday, August 02, 2007

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Many of you are aware of my involvement in the Drum and Bugle corps activity. When I first heard of the bridge collapse, I thought of Wednesday night, and the over 150 people from MN Brass who were on their way to the Dayton's/Marshall Field's/Macy's warehouse parking lot off Industrial Blvd.

Many of these members would be driving over that bridge on their way to a 6:45 rehearsal start. I heard through E-Mail groups that all were safe and accounted for.

However, this AM I found out that one of our members road the bridge down. She is safe and unharmed, but most certainly shaken by the experience. For perspective, here is the location of her car (click for larger image).

The corps song is 'For All We Know' that is sung at the end of every rehearsal. Last night's rendition had much a more personal meaning.
For All We Know

For all we know
We may never meet again
Before you go
Make this moment sweet again

We won't say goodnight
Until the last minute
I'll hold out my hand
And my heart will be in it

For all we know
This may only be a dream
We come and we go
Like the ripple on a stream

So love me tonight
Tomorrow was meant for some
Tomorrow may never come
For all we know
We know
More later, I'm sure.


More from the corps:
A Surreal Night

August 1, 2007

It was a surreal night, hot and humid. I got to rehearsal a few minutes before 6pm. Since it is now August, we had a full hornline sectional at 6. We started our marching/playing warmup in circle drill, and there were a few sirens going off, but no one thought much of it. It seemed like a bad car accident or something, which is not uncommon being so close to a major highway at rush hour. We took a quick water break around 6:15 and I saw a few people intently listening to the radio in the corps truck. I made a "witty" comment like, "Intriguing radio, huh?" and immediately thought I shouldn't have said that because it was probably something bad...

We went back into the horn circle and Ann came up and asked where Crawford was. She said she couldn't get ahold of him and she was worried because the bridge collapsed. I said "holy sh$$," and she just gravely nodded. Greg came over and immediately took roll call.
Be sure to read the

UPDATE II: A quick to about Emily's condition:
Hey all. I thought I'd send out a little update since I've been talking to Emily pretty much on the hour since this happened.

In case you don't know they pretty much picked her up off the bridge and just dumped her on the East Bank of the U and said she needed to call someone to get picked up. They took her info and know all about her situation but she seemed unharmed so she was not a priority.

After I got to her at the Weismann, she told me about how she was a bit sore but nothing too bad. We decided once I got her home she would go to an Urgent Care with her mom. Apparently the Buffalo Urgent Care told her that she needed to go to North Memorial or HCMC.

Today (Thursday), she made the trip back into town with her grandpa. After hours at North Memorial she was checked out, double checked, xrayed, xrayed again, and xrayed again. But they could not find anything wrong. So they sent her home. BUT (there's always a but...) Later this afternoon (Thursday) they called her and asked her to come back because they found abnormalities in one of her xrays and wanted to do a CT scan. Emily has been at North Memorial ever since, and she has been admitted with a slight fracture of her back. There is a chance she could go home tomorrow (Friday), or she might have to stay a second night. Sounds like she will have to wear a back brace for some time, up to six weeks.

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