Monday, September 26, 2005

O'fer or the Big Goose Egg

My prognosticating prowess took a big credibility hit this weekend. I missed all three games giving Foot an early lead in out season long battle. I can't even blame it on the spreads, as I it wouldn't have mattered.

I am prepared to take my lumps this week, knowing that there are better days ahead, and much football to be played.

At least the Queenies figured out how to play football. Maybe as the Packers continue to fade, the OPG (Obnoxious Packer Guy) will be unable to assist Freddie the Foot in future picks. I could only hope!


UPDATE: The Foot sings his own praises:
Sung to the tune of Yesterday, by the Beatles:

LaDanian took our breath away
And the Bears played like they were gay
Oh, and New England won yesterday

The Flash found himself Oh-and-three
Now LearnedFoot looks quite mighty
My victory came suddenly
Click through to sing the rest! Oh it's going to be a loooong week!

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