Wednesday, September 14, 2005

I voted for Randy

It was hard, but Coleman hasn't sold me yet. I don't think I'll ever forgive Randy for the stunt he pulled during the Presidential election, but that wasn't enough to just arbitrarily write him off. Apparently, it was for many others. Kelly almost didn't make it past the Primary:
With 104 of 104 precincts reporting, Coleman had a nearly 2-to-1 lead in votes cast over incumbent Mayor Randy Kelly, despite a strong showing by Green Party contender Elizabeth Dickinson, who sought to succeed Coleman and narrowly missed getting into the general election in 2003.
Final results:

104 of 104 precincts reporting

13,041 - Chris Coleman
6,740 - Randy C. Kelly
4,905 - Elizabeth Dickinson
216 - Sharon Anderson
135 - Nick Tschida
59 - Bill Dahn
40 - Glen Mansfield
36 - Jacob Perasso
25,172 - TOTAL VOTES
The general election is a couple months away. Coleman still has some time to close the sale, but I WON'T vote for him just cause I'm pissed at Randy. He has to show me he is the best candidate to move St. Paul forward.

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