Sunday, September 04, 2005

2nd in Prelims!

The Govenaires get a do-over.

1 75.425 Chops, Inc.
2 75.038 Govenaires
3 74.625 Alliance
^^ Finalists^^
4 73.525 Music City Legend
5 71.288 Heat Wave
6 68.738 White Sabers
7 64.950 Lakeshoremen
8 64.738 Gulf Coast Sound
9 56.800 Shenandoah Sound
10 53.563 Mon Valley Express

It wasn't our best show, so with all three finalists corps witin 8 tenths of a point, it will be a shoot out. We have a shot at the title, but that is not why many of us do this gig. It is about entertaining the crowd!

However the evening was bitter sweet. A member of the Kilties Drum and Bugle Corps collapsed on the field during their performance of an apparent heart attack. The corps moved off the field while EMTs tried to revive him. Although they were able to stabilize him, he would not make it. This individual was a VERY good friend of mine. He marched in the Lacrosse Blue Stars with me in 1980, and was my seatmate on the tour bus while we traveled the country all summer long. It is like losing a brother. The last time I saw him was in St. Peter in Mid July and we had a hell of a time reminiscing our Drum Corps past. The Govies, and some of the other Midwest corps will be sporting black and yellow plaid armbands.

His name was Joel Magnuson, known as Lothar in the drum corps community. I believe he was 46 (ed- He was 44, born May 1961) Although I don't believe he had any prior Heart issues, he was a very large man, pushing well over 300 lbs, if not closer to 400.

My performance tonight will be dedicated to his honor. God I'll miss him.

I'll have more Tuesday Morning, including the results of Finals

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