Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sheda Permit Status Update

Thanks to some contacts I have made both here and in Duluth this is the best I can come up with.

Permit status is NOT public information. It is unclear how the law deals with this information post mortem. Obtaining this information by normal means, i.e. Local reporters and the Sheriff's office, has not been successful, due to this legal protection. However, one of my sources makes an interesting observation:
I'm sure the defendant's defense team will be looking into that
In conversations with Mitch and Joel, we are pretty much in agreement that it is highly unlikely that Sheda was a permit holder. The simply fact that Alcohol use and carrying is a violation and is 'beaten' into the trainees ad nausea during that process. Should I find out something more definitive, I will let you know.


UPDATE: A ponder; if permit status is protected/private data, than who/why in the Treptow case was this information released almost immediately?

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