Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Candidate for the 2nd

A frequent Centrisity commenter is mulling a run for congress:
a National Guardsman with 20 years in the service under his belt is likely to take on Second District GOP Rep. John Kline, a three-term incumbent whose 25 year career in the Marines has been central to his political profile.

Sgt. 1st Class Steve Sarvi, who is demobilizing at Fort McCoy, Wis., this week after serving with the Minnesota Guard in Iraq, is leaning toward making the bid
We have been fortunate to have Steve inject his 'boots on the ground' insight here at Centrisity, and now the electorate of the 2nd may have an opportunity to hear them in person. Here is what they can expect:
"We could go on for hours about how we win wars only to lose the peace, and why that happens time and again. We keep electing incumbents and even the same "types" of people over and over yet we expect different outcomes. Having been "in country" for almost a year now, and working alongside Iraqis, I can tell you that we can not even begin to understand the people of the Middle East. Our experience of Democracy is not what they can or will ever understand. We have to shift our thoughts and see things through their prism."
Sargeant Sarvi has a website up and will be contemplating his next step as he transitions back to the states.

There is more at Inside Minnesota Politics.


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