Tuesday, July 03, 2007

The Myths of Scooter

While we still try to digest the actions of this administration, yesterday, lets make sure we all know what actually went down. Not just what we are lead to believe by the timid media. Carol Leonnig of WaPo laid it out almost a month ago:
While covering this case for The Washington Post from the beginning of Special Counsel Patrick J. Fitzgerald's investigation in December 2003, I've received a steady stream of mail, most of it fuming -- some because the writers think a tireless patriot is being persecuted by a runaway prosecutor, others because they think a ruthless traitor is getting off easy after jeopardizing national security.

In fact, neither caricature is fair -- let alone accurate. But even now, four years after Valerie Plame's name hit the papers, the public still has some startling misconceptions about this fascinating, thorny case.
The five myths with their accurate short answer from Leonnig, you'll have to click through for the full skinny:

1. Valerie Plame wasn't a covert operative.

Wrong. She was.

2. Karl Rove would have been indicted in the Plame case if it hadn't been for all the destroyed evidence.

Those e-mails may contain interesting stuff, but for now, it's rank speculation to suggest that they hold information about the Plame case or would have pushed Fitzgerald to charge Rove with perjury.

3. Libby didn't leak Plame's identity.

the overwhelming weight of the evidence at the trial -- including reporters' notes of their interviews with Libby -- showed that Libby had indeed leaked classified information about Plame's identity

4. Bad press doesn't get under Cheney's skin.

if he had been that immune to (as one of his predecessors put it) "the nattering nabobs of negativism," he never would have told his top aide to talk about Joe Wilson, and none of this would have happened.

5. The White House would fire any administration official who leaked classified information about Plame.

When the investigation began, the president said he hated leaks and would hold leakers of classified information accountable. But he has not sacked anyone over the case.

So there, are we all clear now!


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