Monday, July 09, 2007

Making Lemonade

I must tip my hat to REW at Power Liberal(s). She has become the victim of a very vicious personal attack by someone in the MN Right Wing Blogosphere who claims to be that which he is not. To misuse and photoshop someones ultrasound for personal and political gains is simply unforgivable, but REW has a calmer head than I:
Some advised me to simply ignore it, and go to a happy place. Others told me to stop ignoring it and try and fight it.

I have decided to do both, and turn something I previously found stressful into something that makes me feel good.

Starting today, in honor of his 4th of July post, I am making a donation to Planned Parenthood MN every time the picture shows up on Swiftee's blog.
And a commenter shares many of our frustrations:
You have nothing to apologize for and in fact if Swiftee had the common decency that God granted to a turnip, he would realize that he is the one that owes you an apology. Obviously that is not the case.

Any MAN with a shred of common decency would never use that, to score cheap political points and in fact a MAN would never use that type of cheap bully boy tactics on a woman.
I've met Tom several times, and in person I find him a compassionate and caring individual, which is why it is difficult for me to see him cross this line so forcefully and without remorse. If their argument is so weak they have to drag in other people's unborn children into the debate, than the Voice of the MNGOP is getting pretty desperate.

I don't expect and apology from Tom, but I do respectfully request that he take down the photo shopped ultrasounds and agree to not cross the line into personal family business. It would be appreciated.


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