Friday, March 04, 2005

What is the 'MOB'

The Minnesota Organization of Bloggers was born through the Northern Alliance, I'll give them that. But it has always been promoted this way:
I stress this; there is no political focus (or, if the July party is any indication, content of any sort) involved; this is completely ecumenical. There is no agenda, there will be no speeches (unless Elder starts mixing whiskey and beer again), no name tags, no BS of any sort. Just bloggers, and blog fans, united by the things that draw all people together: great company, a warm place on a chilly night, and lip-smacking good drinkin'.
There have been a few insertions of the MOB name in political posts, that one may question the true intent of the members. And then today I read this portion of Mitch's latest Nick bashing:
A show whose audience is probably mostly MOB members looking for stuff to fisk (and who will never give a nickel to any of his advertisers, to the extent that he has any).
I do not listen to Nick for stuff to fisk, and I will gladly seek out their sponsors to patronize. There is a clear implication here that the MOB may not be as ecumenical as portrayed. I am in an uncomfortable position here, as one of, if not the only left leaner in the Organization.

I hope MOB members refrain from presuming the behavior of others on the blogroll, or if that is too tough, then at least change the name to Minnesota Organization of Right Wing Bloggers and let current members re-evaluate their memberships. I am hoping the MOB will truly grow into an organization of all colors, Blue, Red and Purple. But if that is not the goal of the founders, then at least be honest with those of us who don't share in your political ideology.


UPDATE: Why blogs are better!! Mitch acknowledges my concern and has updated his post
Flash makes half a good point. In the original posting, I said Coleman's audience was "MOB members". I meant conservative MOB members, of course - the MOB is, in fact, ecumenical. I've changed the post accordingly
THAT is why blogs are better!! Everything happens in moments not days, and it isn't buried inside somewhere. Thanks Mitch!

On a side note, It is feeling like Spring time in the Midway. Look for an exciting announcement later this afternoon . . . .

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