Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Freaky Wednesday

I was somewhat caught off guard by the treatment of the latest state job reports by the two local rags. Seemed like the partisan tilt was on each other's foot.

The STRIB proudly proclaims a positive view and displays the story on their front page:
Job gain in 2004 surprise for state
But a January loss gives pause to those who worry that the economy still has far to go
Whilst the PiPress goes doom and gloom and buries it at the bottom of the front page of the Business section (PDF):
Minnesota lost 5,600 jobs in January, agency says
But revised figures for 2004 show stronger employment growth than first reported
I just found it amusing that the printed pages of the StarTribune, the scorn of the Right, takes the glass is half full approach to a very sensitive issue in our economy, while the pages they trumpet as their paper of choice forgets about any silver lining and hides the story in a Page C below the fold afterthought.

For those interested in which area of the job market is being effected:
The largest job losses were in professional and business services, down 3,900 jobs. Workers in these areas provide services to other businesses, such as computer professionals, architects, lawyers and engineers. Other workers in this group provide administrative support such as payroll services, temporary help and building maintenance services.

Private education and health services were down 3,300 jobs, driven by social assistance job losses. Manufacturing was down 1,700 jobs, as was construction.

Among the gainers: finance activities, up 2,300, and government, up 2,900 jobs. Despite the drop in jobs, the state's unemployment rate actually declined to 4.4 percent in January, compared with a revised 4.6 percent in December.
I am sure the Right will trumpet an improvement through their pro growth policies, until they realize the growth is in Government. How ironic.


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