Friday, March 04, 2005

Spring has Sprung

"16 of Icehouse for Kurt" will be the magical phrase that will be the first step in dodging the Winter bullet and begin Spring in the Midway of St. Paul. I put in my order yesterday at my favorite bottle shop, Midway Liquor. I had patronized Big Top Liquor for many years, but I have found a home at the small, family run, quaint and personable shop on University Ave near Prior.

I pulled out my records to see how this year fits into the trends of the past, so here are the tapping dates since 2000.

2/25/2000, 3/22/2001, 2/14/2002, 3/14/2003, 2/28/2004, and

TODAY 3/04/2005

So if you think you may be in the Midway area this later afternoon or early evening, shoot me an E-Mail, and I'll give you directions.

I am feeling parched already!

Have a GREAT weekend! I know I will.


PS: I don't generally post on the weekend, but I do surf and read a lot. Feel free to use my Friday posts as sort of an open thread if something catches your eye out in the blogosphere.

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