Thursday, March 17, 2005

Kennedy Kerfuffle

It seems Mark Kennedy had a little stumble on KSTP radio yesterday. Enough that some of the local Righties are even a little miffed.

From Residual Force
I didn’t catch the whole exchange, but I heard the jist of it.

The question posed to Kennedy was what what were his thoughts on the release of the Dep. HLS’s study of possible terrorist attacks sights and there affect on America.

Kennedy’s answer was … BAD! And saying bad is an understatement. Ron and Mark were as stunned as I was, and they gave it to the Congressman. Rightly deserved!

Kennedy went into a “blame it on the media” response.

Not quite what Minnesotans want to hear from their next possible Senator.

And our friends at KoolAid Report weren't very pleased either:
Had I not know it was him, I would have thought it was the goofball he hopes to replace.

The GOP power in this state may very well regret coming out in support of Kennedy so early in the process.
with a telling statement from a commenter
I agree Dementee. I'm afraid its just the two of us that beleive that MK is a weak candidate,and I'm being kind...
Kennedy v The Machine does some soft peddling for Mark:
But I wouldn't make to much out of this or any other single event. Kennedy is going to get the chance to make his case in a way that supercedes the "soundbite" candidacies of recent years. To borrow a cliche, it's a marathon, not a sprint.
Overall, this is really a non event, but there is some joy in watching the Right beat up on one of their own for a change.


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