Saturday, March 19, 2005

Tie goes to the LOSER

Well, ahemm, ah . . . . I did grab the first of the three challenges in the "highly legal, er, basketball-game-predicting contest" but with my champion, Kansas, humiliating themselves in the first round, it is difficult to even follow the rest of the tourney.
I had a respectable 26 of 32 correct picks in the first round (My First round misses; Alabama, Pennsylvania, LSU, Minnesota (Homer), Kansas, Syracuse.), but again, it will be all for naught.

This afternoon, LearnedFoot's most brazen call, of UW-Milwaukee making the sweet 16, came to fruition. It will all come down to whether Illinois makes it to the Final Four. And the way the small number seeds have been dropping like flies, I may be better off just conceding now. But don't think for a second that will happen. It is the only thing I have worth looking forward to in the 'Dance' at this point.

Why did I say the tie goes to the loser. LF feels sorry for me.
Of course, even if I had won that bet, I'd be inclined to buy Flash a beer anyway.

He needs something to cry into.

If you haven't heard, or you're a myopic hockey hoser, Flash's pick to win it all, Kansas, was unceremoniously bounced from the tourney by a team whose name I forget.
So even though I am in the 95 percentile in the Yahoo 'Pickem Contest' (must be logged into Yahoo to view), and that I had underdogs like Utah and Texas Tech advancing to next weekend. The points in future rounds are slim pickens'

Yes I'm still in PA. I'll be flying home in the afternoon.


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