Friday, December 17, 2004

What's Next for Rummy

Most of us who even hint to a left tilt have been criticizing Rumsfeld about his performance in what The Daily Show dubs "Mess O' Potamia". Over the last few weeks, several high profile (or wannabee high profile) GOP members have hopped on the bandwagon.

McCain began the flurry with
U.S. Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., said Monday that he has "no confidence" in Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld, citing Rumsfeld's handling of the war in Iraq and the failure to send more troops
Then we have Sen. Trent Lott
:“I'm not a fan of Secretary Rumsfeld,” Lott told the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce on Wednesday. “I don't think he listens enough to his uniformed officers.”
Sen Susan Collins (R-ME)
“I think there are increasing concerns about the secretary's leadership of the war, the repeated failures to predict the strengths of the insurgency, the lack of essential safety equipment for our troops, the reluctance to expand the number of troops,” Collins said in an interview.
There are others, but one local boy has jumped on the bandwagon:
Sen. Norm Coleman said he had "serious misgivings" about the process of providing armored vehicles for troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

"I have reservations about what the secretary and the Army have done in this regard," the Minnesota Republican said, but later added, "I'm not at the point of pointing fingers. I don't (know) who did this. I don't know what happened."
Only Sen Norm Coleman can point fingers, while saying "I'm not at the point of pointing fingers" The Republicans King Flip Flopper has done it again, and all in the same paragraph. Amazing!


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