Thursday, December 30, 2004

A letter to the editor
Get over it?

During Christmas Eve dinner, a relative commented on the many people who still display Kerry-Edwards bumper stickers -- saying, "Why can't they just get over it and move on?"

Being one of this group, I'm writing to dispel the idea that I display my sticker as a sign of continued mourning over the results of the election. Instead, it's a sign that I will not be held responsible for the colossal domestic and international messes we'll be left with when Bush leaves office.

It's a sign of solidarity with those who believe that wars of choice are immoral, that the only way to support the troops is to oppose the dishonest policies that put them in harm's way unnecessarily.

It's a sign that I support protection of civil rights and liberties for all. It's a sign that I support preservation of the environment, our fundamental common interest.

It's a sign of hope that one day soon we'll have a leader of whom we can be proud.

And above all, it's a sign that I love my country.

Mike Gude, St. Paul.
My bumper sticker came off right away, although trading in the vehicle for a new car had more to do with that. Within a few days I took the sign down in my front yard, and within a week I had pulled the signs down out of my porch window. All has been retired to the garage, where many relics clutter the walls. Most of them from losing campaigns, with a few winners between the studs. There's over 25 years of campaign history in my garage, and a few more buttons added to the collection this year.


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