Thursday, December 23, 2004

Helloooooo, Chapter Two

Mitch is on an extended Holiday trip to North Dakota. We have spoken many times about his desire to find someone to share blogging duties on Shot in the Dark, and I think he has found a good match.

Steve Gigl of Helloooooo, Chapter Two is filling in this weekend, and his opening salvo is on Cell Phone etiquette. A very practical and informative read. Give it a 'Shot'.

As for me, the holiday transition begins, and I am not fortunate enough to have someone take over the reigns of Centrisity. Although, I am in discussion with a Right leaner to bring literal balance to the Centrist nature of this blog. Is there another site out there where opposing views battle it out on the front page, instead of in the comments section? It would be an interesting experience.

Until then, posting will be light, if non existent. If I can finish up the last minute Holiday errands, I'll be meeting up with 'The Doctor' for a trip to Keagan's tonight. I'm man enough to face my dissenters' face to face and off the clock, these guys are great company to keep!

Have a safe, healthy, and joyous Holiday Season. I've already received my first gift. My Oldest stopped by the other day. Tom, The marine!


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