Friday, December 10, 2004

What Was He Reading

Mitch, in one of his cheesier attempts to 'set the record straight' swerves way off course today. All I was doing was answering St. Paul's question at Fraters, which I did. Apparently that means I was missing the point. So I ask you, Mitch. When someone ends a post with a question, are we not suppose to answer it?!? And if we do, does that mean we missed the point?

And, in a fine show of desperation, he takes a pot shot at New Patriot about not fact checking my job title, so you decide. I am alone in a classroom, while seeing 143 students everyday. I take attendance, grade, and teach them how to use the software. I monitor their progress, correct them when appropriate and help them when needed. Do I have a teaching license, no. But I do have a 4 year degree and the same responsibilities a licensed teacher has. Most people would call that teaching, and thus I would be the teacher. You do the math!


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