Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thanks for your Service!

I special Thank You to the newest Veteran to be, Airman Nick!

He is currently excelling at Keesler AFB on track for Tech School Graduation in mid December. He will then get a couple weeks off for Christmas Exodus where we'll have much to catch up on.

He had an opportunity to go to Japan for his first assignment, but decided that getting more training and being involved in the meet of the Air Force beet going over seas to a Sit down Help Desk Job. He's got 6 years, I am sure he'll get to travel some over that time.

Also a salute to Sgt. Tom, who continues to enjoy his inactive reserve status. He is attending College in San Diego and actually called last night. He needed to check up on his brother still at home.

Thanks, gentleman! You have made me very proud!


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