Monday, December 29, 2008

Ramstad for Senate

I believe the recount will be settled soon enough, and an election certificate issued to the victor. But if there is any chance MN will be short a Senator when the US Senate convenes, I feel it is imperative that our representation be complete, and that someone is occupying the seat currently held by Sen Coleman.

Now, it would make sense, I guess, to just appoint Sen. Coleman, but that brings its own set of political baggage and awkward presumptuousness. With the Governor not showing his electoral hand, be it a 3rd run for Gov, or maybe a Senate seat of his own (would he dare challenge the popular and effective Sen. Amy) he needs to tread lightly. But there is an option out there, and one that would meet with much less dissension for either side of the aisle; retiring Congressman Jim Ramstad. I not only support, but encourage this transitional option.

Discuss . . .


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