Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas from the Flash Fam

The picture of the homestead looks strikingly similar to last year's. The only significant change is a slightly larger flag, and the service star in the window. I sent Sgt. Tom Holiday wishes last evening, and received them in return this morning
Things out here are very bland, not much changes from day to day. Everyone is a lot more reserved today though. I think they are all thinking of their families and what this day normally means to them all. I know it makes me miss home a little more. I can't imagine what the people who have kids here are going through. Well give my brothers Hugs for me and tell the family I said hello and I love and miss all of them.
-Your son
We are about to begin the traditional gift ritual.

Last year we just huddled the gifts under the radiator, as the Christmas tree is out on the porch for all to see. But this year, we decided to convert one of our tropical trees into a festive one. And of course, the stockings were hung from the window with care: So now we sit around the tree, read Luke 2:8-14, and then share family and fun. Soon after the pasture will be laid out for grazing, and as soon after noon as possible, a little sip or two of Holiday Cheer *grin*

From my family to yours, all the best this Holiday season, and joyous New year.

Kurt 'Flash' Schiebel and Family

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