Monday, October 06, 2008

A Note from the District

In my work E-Mail box this AM
As we are currently in the political season with elections coming up in only 4 weeks, it has come to my attention the need for we, SPPS employees, to be careful in what messages we are sending our students. To be more direct, the message we must be sending our students is the importance of citizenship and voting. We cannot be sending any messages that may be persuasive or influencing them to vote for one candidate or another. Kids are impressionable. With that being said, through the advisement of the SPPS Legal and Communications departments, employees need to refrain from wearing any political gear that indicates support of a particular candidate while on SPPS grounds.
I was always one to A) not wear my politics on my sleeve (or anywhere else for that matter), and B) call out those that do when they are within the building.

The downside is, I wonder if that means I have to take my Obama picture down off my Bulletin board in my office.


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