Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Congratulations Twins

The Twins front office has consistently done it the old fashioned way. A strong and robust farm system, properly preparing talent for the big step to the majors. We are able to withstand the departure of big ticket players by having fresh young talent waiting int he wings. Players like Hrbek, Puckett, and many others stick around cause they appreciate the commitment. Other choose to move on to follow the money. But no matter what, over the years, we have shown that a small market club, doing it the old fashioned way, can be successful See 1987 and 1991.

We lost last night. I won't say we lost to a better team. In a just world the tiebreak would be head to head during the season, making the regular season actually . . . . count for something. In that scenario, Twins win the division and move on (they won the series 10 - 8). But that is not how it is. 162 games mean absolutely nothing and we play game 163. A game decided by one bad pitch and a White Sox catcher with a steely grip to snow cone the ball while being steam rolled by Cudyer. GREAT BASEBALL.

Congratulations to the AL Central Division Champion White Sox!

I actually listened to a good chunk of the game in the garage. It is how I generally start the season and a sure sign of Spring in the Midway with baseball blaring from the cave. Now we wait till next year, when pitchers and catchers report. This Twins teams was expected to hold their own, but not be able to compete. We proved the naysayers wrong . . . The Old Fashioned way!


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