Thursday, October 23, 2008

Despicable Juvenile Acts

This is simply reprehensible:
Sprayed in black on the wooden siding of the garage behind the couple's St. Paul home, in letters nearly a foot high: "U R A CRIMINAL RESIGN OR ELSE! PSALM 2" On the alley side, "SCUM" was scrawled across both garage stall doors and a wooden partition in between.

The Colemans weren't alone. Vandals struck the garages and homes of five other Minnesota members of Congress late Tuesday or early Wednesday, spray-painting graffiti that called for them to resign and included a biblical reference to "Psalm 2."

In Minneapolis, Sen. Amy Klobuchar went to fetch the newspaper and found that the side of her home had been defaced, as did Kim Ellison, the wife of U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, also in Minneapolis.

The garages of Rep. Michele Bachmann, of Stillwater; Rep. Jim Ramstad, of Minnetonka, and Rep. John Kline, of Lakeville, also bore similar graffiti.

Klobuchar and Ellison are Democrats; Coleman, Bachmann, Ramstad and Kline are Republicans.
We live in a civil society. We have a peaceful transition of power. For all the sniping, posturing, and bickering I still have a level of respect for my opponents like Michael Brodkorb, Mitch Berg, and yes, even Tom Swift.

We all have our different ways of presenting our case. But I am confident that to this day, if I met any of them out in public, as I do good ole neighbor Mitch quite frequently, we would greet each other with a 'Hi HowDoYaDo' not verbal mud balls and invectives. And certainly not violence and destruction.

This was a planned and coordinated attack on individuals who have devoted their lives and sacrificed their personal time to make this state and country a better place. Oh sure I don't agree with how some of them are navigating this road, but I have never doubted their personal commitment in their travels.

Our form of government survives because of the civility at which we approach our differences. Individuals who can not seem to understand that deserve the full and forceful imposition of the law, and the potential to lose the very rights our elected leaders are committed to protect. I have faith and confidence that law enforcement will track down these deviants, and punish them to the full extent of the law. We, as a people, are better than this!


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