Monday, September 10, 2007

Rush to the Future!

Ross nails it on the head:
(W)hen you consider that most of the band's hard-rock peers of the '70s have long since burned out, broken up or subsist almost entirely on warm nostalgia, it gets much tougher to dismiss Rush.

In front of more than 12,000 extremely reverent fans - because, face it, no one accidentally sees a Rush concert in 2007 - the Canadian trio performed a complex, lively concert Sunday night at the Xcel Energy Center. And while obvious hits like "The Spirit of Radio" and "Tom Sawyer" popped up near the end, the set list very pointedly did not rely on the past for its momentum.

Split into two sections with an encore, the show boasted a whopping nine of the 13 songs found on the new "Snakes and Arrows," Rush's 18th studio album. Just try to find any arena-level performer who, more than three decades into a career, could pull off such a move - and have the fans following every last moment.
The lads were tight and clean. Simply amazing. I MUST see this show again!


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