Friday, September 21, 2007

The Fix ranks MN #8

Tha WaPo's "The Fix", written by Chris Cillizza, was dropped the MN Senate race another notch, to #8:
8. Minnesota (R): The first time we ranked the 2008 Senate races earlier this year, Minnesota came in at number two. So why has it dropped all the way to eighth over the intervening six months? A combination of factors including a number of other seats across the country that have grown more vulnerable during that time, the growing sense that Coleman is positioning himself as well as he can on the war in Iraq and the continued lack of faith in some quarters of the Democratic party that either 2000 candidate Mike Ciresi or comedian Al Franken can oust the incumbent. After a trip to Iraq earlier this month, Coleman jumped behind a proposal by Sen. John Warner (R-Va.) that calls for a modest troop withdrawal by the end of the year but enforces no hard timetable for the withdrawal of all American troops. Will that position be enough to satisfy Minnesota voters? (Previous ranking: 7)
Hard to argue the moderate positioning of Coleman. This maneuvering isn't without it's awkward moments, but this polished politician will wiggle his way out of that with ease. Although highly unlikely at this point, I haven't ruled out a vote for Norm. It all depends on who else is on the ballot.

At 'The Fix' criteria is simple:
the number one ranked race is the most likely to switch parties -- and, yes, we do have a new number one this month. Scroll down to see which race it is and, while you're there, offer your own thoughts in the comments section.
Here are the races currently in the Top Five:

1. Virginia (R)
2. New Hampshire (R)
3. Colorado (R)
4. Louisiana (D)
5. Oregon (R)


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