Monday, September 17, 2007

Hate Takes a Break

Leading up to last years' elections, and ever since, the local Right Wing Blogoshpere has turned deep into Hatesville. Their brain stem only survival instinct has effected their ability to actually have a dialog with those they disagree with. Nowhere is this more evident that on Shot in the Dark, a site that used to be the best in Blogging and one of the reason I sparked up this little ole site.

Saturday was a counter protest to the Peace March held at the Cathedral and marching down through St. Paul. I would have gone, as I support the need to defeat Islamic extremism and those that mean only to destroy what America is all about. But I don't think those that disagree with me hate America, as video shows the likes of Swiftee believing. I couldn't bring myself to associate with that type of dissent.

But buried in a Right Wing report of the event is a glimmer of hope, and understanding if you will. Someone on the other side actually had a level of respect for the opposition. Lets read Kermit at Anti Strib:
Final observation. These folks were generally civil, obviously sincere, and care a great deal about the direction of this country. As am I. As were the people standing shoulder to shoulder with me. We get to do that here. Disagree without killing each other.
It's a baby step, but it is a start. If we can't come together and find a solution to the issues in Iraq, how can we expect the Iraqi's to do the same.


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