Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Battle for the Third

MNPublius has the skinny on potential candidates from the Left.

The likely front runner, Andy Lugar is probably in. Lugar ran a tough campaign with a challenge from Experienced prosecutor Mike Freeman. The DFL endorsement for Lugar wasn't enough to cancel out the name recognition and the delayed incumbency of a Freeman Candidacy. But this also means that Lugar has an infrastructure on idle, and ready to run.

Most notably out is Former Congressman Bill Luther. The district encompasses much of Bill's old State legislative stomping grounds, and I wouldn't have been shocked if he had an interest, yet not surprised he doesn't.

And finally, probably in with a hope by many that he reconsiders, is Buck Humphrey. Sorry, Buck, but you will be in the shadows of your family for life. There was a time I was a stalwart supporter, but at this point I think you have had your chance. But I am not in the 3rd, so it is not up to me to decide. However, it appears I am not alone, as this popped up pretty quick:

The Buck Stops Here

In their first post:
According to published reports, 2002 campaign loser and DFL "legacy" candidate Buck Humphrey is considering a run for Minnesota's third congressional district. Now, local political bloggers are saying Buck Humphrey is in the race. Some are even reporting that the Washington DC-based Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has already spoken with Buck regarding this race.

The fact is, nobody outside of the Democratic Party establishment is behind a Humphrey candidacy.
So a notable in, a notable out, and a non starter. And it's only September . . . . '07!


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