Friday, April 14, 2006

The Chief Speaks

The good folks at K v M have been taunting the Hennepin County Attorney as they try to pin the increased crime rates in Minneapolis on her. REW, in a post on DFL Senate, did a great job of systematically dissecting and expunging that argument.
Bush Administration cuts in the popular COPS program have contributed to this significant decline in the number of officers on the street.

Also partially at fault is the officers who were cut thanks to Governor Pawlenty's previous gouging of the Minneapolis LGA.

In Hennepin County as a whole, the serious crime rate has decreased every year from 1997 through 2004 - with an overall reduction of 36% in that period.
And now we have the out going police chief of Minneapolis weighing in on why he feels there has been a spike:
Remember, crime was up prior to my arrival, and the rise in crime was and remains a direct correlation to staffing reductions. The [Minneapolis Police Department], as with many departments around the country, was decimated by budget cuts ... and it will take some time to recover.
There are multiple reasons why Minneapolis is having problems right now. If the surrogates of the Kennedy camp want to try to pin the problems in Minneapolis on a County Attorney, then they can sit back and watch as our Next US Senator touts success after success!


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