Friday, August 19, 2005

Happy Birthday!

Notable August 19th Birthdays:

1969 Matthew Perry, actor, Sydney, Chandler-Friends
1963 John Stamos, actor, General Hospital, Full House
1960 Morten Andersen, NFL kicker for the Atlanta Falcons
1956 Adam Arkin, actor, Busting Loose, Pearl, Northern Exposure
1952 Jonathan Frakes, actor, Commander Riker-Star Trek Next Gen
1951 John Deacon, British pop guitarist, Queen-Somebody to Love
1951 Lillian Muller, Grimstad Norway, playmate of year, Aug, 1975
1948 Tipper Gore, wife of vice president Al Gore, 1993-01
1946 William Jefferson "Bill" Clinton, 42nd U.S. President, D, 1993-01
1945 Ian Gillian, heavy metal rocker, Deep Purple-Knocking at Backdoor
1942 Fred Thompson, senator, R-Tenn, /actor, In the Line of Fire
1940 Jill St. John, [Oppenheim], , actress, Diamonds are Forever
1939 Ginger [Peter] Baker, England, drummer, Cream-White Room
1938 Diana Muldaur, actress, McCloud, Star Trek Next Gen, LA Law
1935 F Story Musgrave, Boston, MD/astronaut, STS 6, 51-F, 33, 44, 61, 80
1934 David F. Durenberger, Minnesota, Sen-R-MN, 1978-
1934 Renee Richards, [Richard Rankind], trans-sexual tennis player
1931 Willie Shoemaker, jockey, won 8,833 of 40,350 starts
1921 Gene Roddenberry, El Paso Texas, executive producer, Star Trek
1919 Malcolm Forbes, publisher, Forbes Magazine
1902 Ogden Nash, humorous poet, I'm a Stranger Here Myself
1871 Orville Wright, born in Dayton, Ohio, aviator

Oh, one more, ME!

See ya tonight!


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