Thursday, August 11, 2005

Coupla Updates

Rewriting History
Let the linking begin:
Mark Kennedy's U.S. Senate campaign website, under fire for deleting negative comments from news stories before posting them, will now link users to the full text of articles, a spokeswoman said Wednesday.
They website has also removed the AP stories which caused the ruckus.
parts of articles from the Star Tribune and New York Times were still on, labeled as "Excerpted from ..." It appeared that Associated Press articles had been removed from the site.
Cheers to the Kennedy camp for addressing this issue in a timely manner!

Meet with Cindy
Today's eviction day for Cindy. The Secret Service had threatened to remove Cindy, citing her as a security risk, if she was still in place today. The Iconoclast has set up a Cindy Watch Page, so that would be the best place to find updates.

12:05 p.m.
Nathan Diebenow reporting for the Iconoclast:

I talked with Jim Harrington, Cindy's lawyer from Texas, who informed me of the legal situation here. He said that the Sheriff's Department is kind of in a bind because the people technically have the right of way on the road to walk on it, but not on the shoulders, the 8 ft. easement, so they are letting the people around here stay on the side of the road. There apparently is no easement statute in this county. There have been no First Amendment quarrels out here before.

He also said that, legally, there shouldn't be any problem with the President driving through here and having the protestors here, since, basically, she's just a mother wanting to talk to him. He pointed out that there are alternatives instead of moving the campers. Like in previous instances, the Secret Service could patrol with their dogs to make sure there are no crazies. There are alternatives to just kicking people out.


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