Thursday, August 25, 2005


Checks and Balances claims to have the scoop (registration required):
Questions have been circling about the person behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed and we have found a person with a connection to blogging that is a good candidate.

. . .

So recent information that has come our way is the Jerome Plagge is the person behind Minnesota Democrats Exposed. It will be interesting to see if now the anonymous source behind MDE either confirms or denies this idea. We encourage the folks at MDE to contact us and tell it how it is.
Jerome, of SD63 responds:
After picking myself off the floor, I realized I should maybe be nervous because MDE is so good he is making a few enemies and I don't wake a dead fish wrapped in paper delivered to my wife. So let me state unequivocally, SD63, aka Jerome Plagge, IS NOT MDE.
I received an E-Mail from Towle pointing me to the post on C&B and replied that it seemed like a circumstantial case to me.

I have commented previously on the anonymity of MDE.
I find it cowardly to hide behind an anonymous nom de plume when you are attempting to thrust yourself into the political spotlight. I believe it effects your credibility. It should also make one leery that if you can't even be honest about who you are, how can you trust the information that is being disseminated.
It is one thing to spout political ideology from an anonymous blog. But to continue to attack and hammer on individuals while hiding behind a name just seems wrong to me.


UPDATE: Confessions?!?

UPDATE II: MDE Responds!

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