Thursday, September 30, 2004

Tonight's Debate will hit Rock Bottom

The Doctor and I will be having our own little debate gathering at the Rock Bottom Brewery in Downtown Minneapolis.

It was a struggle finding a venue. The NARNiacs will be at a '"Yes, Man" bash, and the local DFL will be over at O'Gara's for some more partisan back slapping. Doc and I prefer the more bipartisan venue, where we can feel free to 'let our hair' down without having to worry about glares and stares.

Tonight's event could be the turning point in the Kerry Campaign, or the nail in it's coffin. We know ole JFK will have his hands full with the “Master Debater” Bush. But if he can hold his own, that may be enough to move those fence sitters back into his camp. Tonight we will find out, and if nothing else, the beer is good there.


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