Monday, September 20, 2004

The Debates are on

I wasn't sure what was going to happen here. The Master Debater, GW Bush, was trying to lower expectations. I mentioned several weeks ago, that there would be no change in the debate schedule. See, GW was trying to weasel out of the town hall style debate. I guess he is a little apprehensive taking questions from real people, rather then the soft balls being hurled by those who have signed loyalty oaths.

With that, there is reports that the respective camps have tentatively agreed to the debate schedule proposed LAST November.

The debates will be more important this year, then in any other election I have followed. It will be Kerry's last chance to convince people he is up to the task. He'll be going up against a well tuned, well oiled, and most formidable opponent. If he can hold his own, he'll be in good shape.

First debate is September 30. The rest of the debate schedule is here.


UPDATE: Looks like Yglesias has them pegged, too!

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