Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Coleman's Blogger Rant

Nick Coleman has never been a favorite of Mitch's. Personally, I don't have much time to read the 'columns'. My reading time is limited to headlines and major stories. Then comes along this offering (via New Patriot) The part that bugged me:
Bloggers don't know about anything that happened before they sat down to share their every thought with the moon. Like graffiti artists, they tag the public square -- without editors, correction policies or community standards. And so their tripe is often as vicious as it is vacuous.
It has been said several times, that Bloggers, especially the popular/high profile ones have the most editors (their readers and commenters), the quickest correction policies (without Credibility, no one would read you) and higher community standards then the average Minneapolis 'main stream' newspapers.

Nick, you're out of touch. I have struggled with the Strib for sometime now. I switched over from the PiPress when the fallout of the U of MN plagiarism scandal prevented me from even looking at a PiPress masthead. But time has healed that wound. I still live in St. Paul, and maybe it's time to take a look at my local paper, and keep my money on this side of the river. I wonder when my subscription is up on the Strib . . . . it can't be too soon for me!


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