Thursday, September 16, 2004

Create Good jobs

Kerry had a fantastic Op-Ed in the Wall Street Journal today. It is also cross posted on the KerryEdwards Blog. These are the things that are getting lost in the Right Wing Media Machines obsession with typewriters, service records, and other Vietnam War era issues. It is also why Bush will get his ass kicked, if the issues ever do make it to the maintream media:

Kerry on JOBS:
• I strongly believe that America must engage in the global economy, and I voted for trade opening from Nafta to the WTO. But at the same time, I have always believed that we need to fight for a level playing field for America's workers.

I am not trying to stop all outsourcing, but as president, I will end every single incentive that encourages companies to outsource. Today, taxpayers spend $12 billion a year to subsidize the export of jobs. If a company is trying to choose between building a factory in Michigan or Malaysia, our tax code actually encourages it to locate in Asia.

My plan would take the entire $12 billion we save from closing these loopholes each year and use it to cut corporate tax rates by 5%. This will provide a tax cut for 99% of taxpaying corporations. This would be the most sweeping reform and simplification of international taxation in over 40 years. In addition, I have proposed a two-year new jobs tax credit to encourage manufacturers, other businesses affected by outsourcing, and small businesses that created jobs.

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