Tuesday, August 24, 2004

More Debunking the Swifties

Seems that the Right was drawn into a firefight the will have a hard time escaping from. As the Smear campaign of the Right continues to get discredited, they cling on false hope and thin evidence. These SBVAK even make shit up.

It is amazing how they will ignore first hand accounts and documented evidence in favor of single anecdotes by their own, who continue to change their story. The story of Steve Gardner, the only member of the group who actually served under Kerry, is full of contradictions.

Best site I found out there that puts it all together is Swift Boat Veterans for "Truth" v. The Truth". If you are truly objective, you will see which side has the most credibility, if not, nothing is going to change your mind anyway!

Be sure to read Fecke's take, he is always worth a read!


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