Friday, August 06, 2004

Kasota Stoned

The major bungles be the administration were once again highlighted by their inability to organize a simple campaign stop. No wonder the country is struggling. If George can't even handle a simple Stump stop.

My Aunt lives just moments away from the Mankato rock quarry that was the stop of the GOP the other day. What were the locals saying:

You should see what a mess it is on Highway 5 ? the highway is now a 3 lane - driving on the shoulder - solid cars, people are leaving their cars at Jones Sheet Metal and on Kingswood and walking. We walked down there to see the chaos and I told this old guy it was at least a 2 mile hike, and its hot out. Lots of PO'd people. The exit ramps from 14 and 169 are all backed up too. Another great planning job by SMC and Mankato?s finest.


there was another message that a fiber cut in Faribault has caused massive halt to all long distance calls in the area......the Kasota Quarry was a really stupid place to have a rally.........windy two lane road and no place to park.


they turned some people away who had tickets and wore Kerry t-shirts.!
There were some upset people last night when I left work, they walked 3 miles or drove to the Quarry and if they got there after 4;15, they were turned away! And the protesters gave them a hard time all the way back! One sign said "Kerry wouldn]t turn you away!" I thought it was hilarious. There were 2 women on the news this morning who took off work to get tickets, then took the afternoon off to go, and were turned away. I hope a lot of the people were swing voters.

That's from the trenches. Looks like ole GW probably lost more votes then he gained!

Keep up the good work, you are our greatest asset!


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