Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Reaching for the towel

This morning's local rags (Strib and PPress) lay out the reality of my school closing in St. Paul. They imply 'pending' and 'pondering', but being on the inside I can tell you it's official. There is no chance Wilson will survive till next year.

The open house to recruit students has been cancelled. The brand new technology upgrade and gym expansion project will sit for another program. There is an ALC program sharing the building with us. It is called LEAP and serves older kids and young adults making the transition to life in the US.

I hope if things are so fiscally bad that they are closing a school that they will at least consider a new transportation proposal. Seems Minneapolis Schools are looking at all the options, why not St. Paul.

See, St. Paul has an internal Magnet/Open enrollment policy. What that means, is as many as 4 or 5 busses drive through my neighborhood twice a day. Once for the elementary, and again for the secondary. These busses have just a handful of students in them. It only seems to make sense that one bus per neighborhood could drive by and pick up all the kids in each neighborhood. This bus would travel to a central Hub locations, where students would transfer to busses to take them to their respective schools.

Seems pretty basic to me.


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