Wednesday, August 05, 2009


via Donklephant:
As this health care debate continues, what I find puzzling is how people seem completely fine with private insurance companies denying care because they might lose money, but if the government would ever suggest rationing, well, it’s time for a revolt!

Take the case of Shelly Andrews-Buta, who was denied treatment for brain cancer because…wait for it…she went beyond the number of tumors that a certain piece of technology was allowed to operate on.
Please, read the rest, and the accompanying story on Shelly.

Another great source I have found on this debate was a very popular Frontline episode, Sick Around the World. It was one of the first shows that caught my eye and made a sincere effort to compare and contrast the various public options other countries are using. They all have their successes and failures, no different than our current private system, and the public options being proposed.

Educate yourself, go beyond the spin and the talking points.


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