Friday, November 14, 2008

Channeling Sen Coleman: Begich Wins (AK-SEN)

In the eyes of the Coleman Camp, the US Senate race in Alaska is now over:
Republican Sen. Ted Stevens has fallen 814 votes behind Democratic challenger Mark Begich as vote counting continues in Alaska.

The Anchorage mayor was trailing Stevens in the initial count, which did not include at least 90,000 absentee, early and provisional ballots.
See, Sen. Shameless has set the precedent this year. Once you are in the lead, you can declare victory and demand the votes not be counted anymore. In the real world, that isn't how it works:
. An estimated 40,000 ballots have yet to be counted – a majority of them from the area of the state that includes Anchorage, according to state elections officials.
Clearly this doesn't bode well for convicted felon Sen. Stevens. But lets disconnect from the fantasy land known as the Coleman Campaign and come back to reality.

It doesn't matter if it is a Democratic candidate, or a Republican one. All votes need to be counted. And if there is doubt and/or state law provisions, counted again. This isn't about winning at any cost, like the Republicans actions have shown, this is about getting it right. The people have spoken, both here and Alaska. It is up to us, and the systems we have put in place, to listen to them


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