Friday, November 07, 2008

Canvasing Consistencies

Sen. Coleman continues his trip down shameless lane. Neither him, nor his operatives seem to understand how the canvasing process works. Numbers are verified, mistakes are discovered, and totals are adjusted.

MNPublius tells a story from 2006:
let’s rewind to 2006. When 100% of the precincts were reported the day after the election, major media outlets reported the same numbers the Secretary of State had: Mark Kennedy had 839,173 votes and Amy Klobuchar had 1,279,515 votes. By the time the voting was certified, the new totals were 835,653 and 1,278,849, a difference of 3520 votes for Kennedy and a difference of 666 votes for Klobuchar.
Folks, and that was under Kiffmeyer. And in the comments, another example is presented from November 2000, under Kiffmeyer as well:
Results of the Second District congressional election continued to fluctuate Friday, with the secretary of state’s Web site indicating Republican Mark Kennedy had unseated DFLer David Minge by 150 votes, compared with a margin of 438 on Thursday.

Bob Schroeder, deputy secretary of state, said the changes reflect adjustments based on preliminary reviews of the totals in each county.

With the new count, Kennedy’s overall total dropped by 32 votes and Minge’s rose by 256. …
This is the process working to ensure all votes are counted. That is why we trust the integrity of our elections. Those that choose to cast aspersions on the process are making it clear they don't respect it. MN SoS Ritchie pointed out what we all know, it is just a political tactic. IN this case it is one that makes Coleman's true colors shine bright!

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