Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Crossing Over

A Republican who has wised up:
A guy gets 70% of the Republican primary vote, and how does he repay his party? By endorsing Barack Obama for president and the Democratic challenger to an incumbent Republican for Senate. At least that's how Joel Haugen, challenging Oregon Rep. David Wu, decided to thank his party's leadership for their support.
My favorite part:
If McCain was serious about competing on the West Coast, he's going to need a more loyal fan base.
When issues are at the fore front, the Dems win, every time. That is why the Right needs to play games (see juvenile floor antics over the last couple days), create something out of nothing ('The One' commercial, which I think in the long run will probably backfire) or completely make stuff up.

Bring on the debates and lets put a nail in the GOP coffin!


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