Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Reading Material

Over the last few weeks a couple excellent blogs have started up. I am proud to say that both of these individuals are frequent commenters to Centrisity and have added much to the debate here.

Start by hassling Hasslington at his new home. Recent Veep-stakes analysis and other interesting intrigue. He recently talked about the Unite factor now that the primary season is winding down.
He may suggest otherwise, but it's become obvious to me that my friend (and fellow blogger) Anoka Flash is a Clinton-supporter (though, like me, he originally supported Governor Richardson until he ended his campaign this past January). Flash has suggested over the past several months that Senator Clinton is "more experienced" and "more electable" than Senator Obama.
To be clear, however, I remained undecided in the race following Governor Bill's defeat. My 'leaning' towards Hillary was not an endorsement as much as it was a realization of electability. I do believe that the need to recapture the White House after 8 year of mismanagement will be more than enough to sway any fence sitters towards the eventual nominees camp.

Then we have A Penigma, authored by Leftout. He has as much fun ripping Mitch and Shot in the Onion as I do. It's really not the tough when the facts are on your side every single time!!
Now, Cole certainly pays a great deal of attention to the Arab world, as opposed to Israel, but I've never seen even the faintest hint of any anti-Jewish comment from him. Berg, and others like him, claim that reporting on only one side of an issue doesn't represent bigotry or bias, but claim that Cole doing the exact same thing IS in fact, bigotry. What's worse, Berg, became incensed when someone suggested he just might have a little bit of bigotry too - the commenter said we all do - and demanded an apology - which the commenter provided.

One wonders when Berg will apologize to Cole? (well, not really, double-standards are Berg's calling card, his 'raison d' etre' as they might say in France, or Senegal)
Read 'em both, daily, you'll be better for it.


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