Sunday, June 22, 2008

Eight Amazing Years

Eight years ago this morning we were on a plane for Vegas. We had only booked our itinerary a few days before, so it seemed like a whirlwind. We weren't sure what we were going to do once we got there, just that we had 5 days and 4 nights in our first trip to this gambling haven.

Upon arrival we knew we were going to grab a shuttle to the Lady Luck. We hopped into the van with some other folks and struck up a conversation with the driver. Once he caught wind of our plans to marry at some point over the weekend he said:

'Let's drop off these other folks and I'll take care of everything from there" and the roller coaster began.

He completed his other drop offs and first took us to the court house. It was early enough in the morning that there was no line. We filled out a couple cards, paid a fee, and before we knew it we were stepping back into the van, marriage license in hand. Now it is off to the chapel, but which one. He chose the same chapel he was married in several years before, the Silver Bell. We bought a small package that included video, a simple ceremony with standard vows, and a deep passionate kiss sealed the service. I looked up at my bride with a big cheesy grin on my face, as I glance down at my watch. Within an hour of touchdown, we are husband and wife and on our way to the hotel. It couldn't have been a more perfect beginning to a weekend that became our Honeymoon.

The Lady Luck is long gone. It was a tired hotel when we were there. The Silver Bell met a fiery fate a few years ago while undergoing a remodel. It has since been rebuilt on the same site, and now goes by the name Mon Bel Ami.

I've already shared what happened upon our return. Needless to say it was a bitter sweet summer for us. But 8 years later we are still going strong. The toddlers are now teenagers, bringing a fresh set of challenges, but we have each other. I got this one right, thank God. Who would have thought I would have been able to find such a wonderful lady who was willing to put up with me this long.

Thanks, My love, for being my wife!!

YOUR Hubby

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