Saturday, September 16, 2006

Live Blogging the Victory Day Dinner

Thanks to an invitation by the Amy Klobuchar Campaign, I have been seated with full press credentials to share with you the Victory Day Dinner and an evening with President William Jefferson Clinton. Matt from MNPublius along with Joe of MN Campaign Report are also here, so be sure to check them out as well.

Brain Melendez, DFL Chair, has opened the event with opening remarks. After the singing of the National Anthem, and an invocation, the NEXT US Senator from Minnesota was introduced.

Amy shared an anecdote regarding how she was honored to introduce the President several years ago at the White House.
Klobuchar and Clinton met in 2000 when Klobuchar and eleven other law enforcement officials joined President Clinton at the White House for a meeting highlighting successful partnerships between local and federal law enforcement agencies in preventing hate crimes. Amy Klobuchar introduced President Clinton at the event.
When they began playing Hail to the Chief, she took that as her cue to go out there an introduce the President,. At that point a hand touched her shoulder and in a deep voice stated "You are going to do fine out there, but when they play that song, I usually go first" What a moment that must have been.

Ms Klobuchar went on to emphasize several main points of her campaign. Follow the North Star not the Lone Star, pay as you go government spending, how she is grounded in responsibility and a commitment to energy, and a change in course in Iraq.
'It’s time to set our priorities straight and focus on what really matters to people. It is time to straighten out the budget – something President Clinton achieved – so we can focus on helping the middle class with health care costs, gas prices and college tuition,' said Klobuchar. 'It is time for a change in Washington. These guys in Washington have had their chance.'
I few things to share while they serve dinner and we wait for the remarks from President Clinton. The place is packed, easily a sell out. There are over 1400 people inside having dinner, and about a dozen or so outside protesting. Yes, a small group of Republicans are outside, taunting people as they we coming into the event, holding up signs 'This isn't your daddy's DFL' and chanting 'Say no to AKlo'!

Mark Dayton has been introduced and is sharing his thoughts on Hillary Clinton and his tenure in the US Senate.

Dayton introduces President Clinton to a roaring standing ovation.

Clinton called Hillary and asked if she had met Amy. She stated she did at the above mentioned event. Clinton then stated, that he forgot about the Hail to the Chief story, but won't now. He then expressed how he wanted a copy of Amy's speech she just delivered so that it could be shared with all House and US Senate candidates, because if that message gets out, we'll win both the House and the Senate.
From the Transcript: “I called Hillary on the way in and she said, “Have you ever met Amy Klobuchar?” and I said, “Yeah, don’t you remember? She was at the hate crimes event at the White House.” (I had forgotten the hail to the chief story, it’s pretty good.) And then she said, “But yeah have you seen her as a candidate? She may be the very best we have in the entire United States.” So I was sitting back there listening to the speech and when it was over I said, “Get me a copy of that, I’m going to send it to every candidate we have for the Senate and House and the United States because if we give that message everywhere the Democrats will win the House and the Senate in November. I know we can.”
"The Democratic Party has become both the Liberal and Conservative party of the United States'

'Since I left office, the number of registered Lobbyist have doubled. That's how they do things in Washington, now'

“One of the things I respect most about Amy’s campaign is that she doesn’t just say what she’s against. She tells you what she’s for and what she’s going to do if you hire her for the next six years. We all need to do that more.”

'This adminstration has run to the Right of even the Reagan administration'

'The Republicans need a divided America, we want a United America!'

'Someone asked me what I brought to Washington and I told them, All we did is bring Artithmetic to Washington'

'The reason we have flat wages in this day is that we have not found a source of good new jobs. And if you have a realitively open economy, you have to keep finding new jobs. One way is a commitment to finding a clean and efficient new energy alternative.'

'Whenever you have been in a tight, it is when it is most important to think. Don't let them Scare you Minnesota, THINK!

WOW! No matter what you think of this individual, President Clinton is one of THE best orators of our time. He can put words together like no other. To have him on the campaign trail is an asset to any candidate!

(I will be reviewing my audio of the event and making tweaks to this post so that the quotes are accurate and consistent. I will remove this disclaimer once the post is final.)

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