Friday, September 08, 2006

Collapsing Campaigns for $1000, Alex.

Answer is: White Flag

What is the Kennedy Kamp waving now that they know there is no hope left for their flawed candidate?

Erik Black shares:
This week, DFL U.S. Senate candidate Amy Klobuchar, and Independence Party candidate Robert Fitzgerald granted interviews to the Big Question about their Social Security positions.

I asked for an interview with Republican Mark Kennedy and he declined. Through his spokester, Heidi Frederickson, he said that he will not grant further interviews to the Big Question
This is simply amazing considering how the early goings of this campaign had Kennedy and the K v Polygraph blog screaming 'WWAD?' because they claimed she wouldn't answer questions, although she did and has the most clear and concise positions of any candidate.

It will be interesting to see how they wiggle out of this. I am sure they'll blame it on bias, but we know it is just that they picked the wrong horse in this one. Even Grams would have been a better bet for them. Now all they can do is spin their wheels in their own mud.


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